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Due to supply chain and shipping delays as well as ever increasing prices on items, we have taken down ALL of our products and will not be trying to compete in the Holiday 2021 season.  Our goal has always been to provide excellent customer service and we cannot guarantee that at this time.  We encourage you to shop locally for your holiday gifts and avoid the shipping crunch that is inevitable this year.  We will return to our curated selection of products and boutique shopping experience as soon as the crunch is over.

If you are interested in reading some HOT erotica, please check out our Book category and order "Ladies First" to elevate your expectations!  All purchases help my company continue to create and curate safe spaces for women.

May your holiday season be full of love and laughter.
Sincerely - Angel
CEO of When She Shines LLC

We provide a female-centric shopping experience based in safety and education.  Our mission is to provide a classy, luxurious feeling, feminine space for women to safely explore their sexual desires, purchase cutting edge products and pursue sexual education in order to enjoy a vibrant intimate life.  We strive to be friendly and welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community and to offer assistance in product selection for intimate partners of our clients.  Feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments on how we can best serve you.