Let's talk about the elephant in THIS room.
I am pissed that I had reason to write THIS in a FB group this morning for other retailers, warehouses, manufacturers and salespeople. It is 2021. We have to do better.

"I use a popular drop ship fulfillment house to run my site and was just surprised to find that one of the products in my download was called simply "Teen PU$$y". It is now on my GROWING list of deleted products.
It would be fantastic if manufacturers would stop marketing to Pedophiles. I will not hold my breath for that day.
However, as sex educators and enthusiasts, our buying power and the weight of our recommendations for sites, stores and products is powerful. I simply ask that you purposely look for and purge from your buying list any items that are built for and branded to the pedophile market if you haven't already.
I ask the warehouses to stop carrying them also. This will be easy when sites and stores actively stop promoting them.
I have started looking at the images used on the packaging as well and it's time we require a higher standard. I applaud and thank all of the companies represented here that are doing it right with packaging that is modern and not covered in cringeworthy pictures of barely legal young people. My customers appreciate that as well.
What I find FASCINATING is that my credit card processing company would not approve my "high risk" business without a full vetting of my product list. They made me remove all CBD items as well as any supplements or enhancement pills marketed to adults despite them being legal. But "Teen Pu$$y" was just fine. I am not so much surprised as saddened by that reality.
The change can start with us as professionals in this industry. Where you spend your money matters.
Thank you for your consideration."

I am committed to my site being a safe space, particularly for women. I'll be honest, that is a hard job in this market. I am working towards it with the help of my customers. And I sincerely thank you for your support.

If you see something here that makes you think, "that depicts or promotes pedophilia" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. There are 14,000 products on this site and growing and they come in on a spreadsheet that is daunting to read and filter. I am going to miss some from time to time. I can't see every image so I know I will miss some cringy marketing photos. I want you to let me know. Really. If it doesn't feel safe, it doesn't belong here. So please, email us at [email protected] and I will review it. Thanks so much!


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